A Good Day to Die – Hoka Hey: Brand New Trailer!

It’s hard to deny that we have a morbid fascination with warfare. Even if we wish to avoid the gorier and unpleasant side of it, there is always something in the peripheral of our vision that incites us to discover information on its causes, if only so it we can make it harder to happen again. The story of photojournalist Jason P. Howe is a … Continue reading A Good Day to Die – Hoka Hey: Brand New Trailer!

You Must Watch…UNHhhh (Youtube)

There’s a live episode of this show, at RuPaul’s DragCon, where one of our leading ladies Katya shoots down the audiences suggestion of binging the entire show over the weekend/day. So, while I watched that, I thought, “I know exactly what I’ll do – I’ll write an entire article about why you absolutely should binge the Youtube series over the weekend.” So take on the … Continue reading You Must Watch…UNHhhh (Youtube)

From “Pirate’s Strife” to “Pirate’s Life”: A ranking of the Pirates of the Caribbean films

Captain Jack is back, and he’s facing a whole lot of danger in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge this weekend. It’s been six years since the last Pirates film, can you believe that? There are many who would love for this franchise to simply die, but I’ll be honest, I can’t get enough of them. I’ve had a very deep love for this franchise … Continue reading From “Pirate’s Strife” to “Pirate’s Life”: A ranking of the Pirates of the Caribbean films

The Other Side of Hope – Review

The films of Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki are instantly recognisable. They are minimalist and droll, with humour leaking out like air from a deflating tyre. Actors are often stationary in the frame, or their movements are singular, sitting up or walking then stopping. These movements are followed by a pause – a ‘what next?’ moment. When they speak, they often do so in a resigned … Continue reading The Other Side of Hope – Review

Cherry Pop – Brand New Trailer!

It’s no secret that almost everyone has scene RuPaul’s Drag Race and nearly all have become obsessed. Thanks to winning an Emmy and Netflix now stream weekly episodes as they air in the US. Drag is become more mainstream, sprouting conventions, shows, and Tumblr nonsense all across the globe. Naturally, drag and it’s culture are going to be explored in more and more films such … Continue reading Cherry Pop – Brand New Trailer!

Wonder – Brand New Trailer!

Two years ago, Jacob Tremblay become our collective son when he wowed us in Oscar-winning drama Room, alongside the impeccable Brie Larson. Now our child is performing in more dramas and  upcoming this year is Wonder. Based on a best seller, the film revolves around August Pullman, a child born with facial differences that have prevented him from attending mainstream school. However, this is all … Continue reading Wonder – Brand New Trailer!