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Cherry Pop – Brand New Trailer!

It’s no secret that almost everyone has scene RuPaul’s Drag Race and nearly all have become obsessed. Thanks to winning an Emmy and Netflix now stream weekly episodes as they air in the US. Drag is become more mainstream, sprouting conventions, shows, and Tumblr nonsense all across the globe.

Naturally, drag and it’s culture are going to be explored in more and more films such as this one.

Cherry Pop revolves around the nightly dramas surrounding a local down-n-out drag show and the Queens who routinely populate it.

Directed by Assaad Yacoub, who has done numerous drag based shorts (including the short this is based upon), this looks like a genuinely enjoyable film and that’s NOT just because acclaimed RuPaul Drag Queen‘s feature here.

What do you think?


Cherry Pop has no official UK release date. 

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