You Must Watch…Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

If you’re a TV addict, you know that most of the best shows are often gritty; they’re dark, violent, sexy, mature, serious, gripping, and while that’s all well and good…Don’t you ever fancy a break? You know, just getting away from the doom and gloom of Game of Thrones, or the political intrigue of House of Cards, just a show that’s nice. Positive vibes that can bring the drama when it’s needed, but thrives on being an easy and addictive watch. I think we all need it sometimes, and Gilmore Girls is the perfect solution.

Starting all the way back in 2000, Gilmore Girls is the story of inseparable mother and daughter Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel); Lorelai is a fiercely independent single mother who’s done things her own way for a very long time, and runs a friendly inn in her home of Stars Hollow, with best friend Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) and sassy concierge Michel (Yanic Truesdale); Rory is a golden child, excelling in just about everything she does, with a keen passion for academics and a fast paced wit she shares with her mother. The pair navigate life as it comes, side by side, with the help of local diner owner Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai’s overbearing parents Emily and Richard (Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann), along with a whole cast of colourful characters.

Gilmore Girls is a comedy-drama that delivers on all accounts; it’s absolutely hilarious, with a consistently brilliant humour that manages to stay fresh for seven whole seasons. Lorelai herself is a constant joke machine, frequently riffing on everything going on around her, and Graham’s chemistry with just about everyone is phenomenal. Of course, quirky characters like Kirk (Sean Gunn) and Paris (Liza Weil) are always on hand to offer supporting laughs, and always at the best times. It’s this fast paced nature that makes the show feel so fluid; it’s far too easy to accidentally watch six episodes at a time just because you sink right into it, and become too comfortable. The entire show has a very warm and welcoming approach that it becomes instantly loveable. The thought of watching seven 22 episode seasons is daunting, but trust me, it goes in no time. But while it’s frequently a pleasant show, never underestimate the dramatic elements of it. A byproduct of becoming so invested and sunken into this world is feeling every bit of drama hit you as it comes; sometimes it’s heartbreaking, sometimes it’s intense, and it all feels so natural. When characters are angry, you can feel that anger through the screen, and when they’re upset, you’ll want to cry along with them. It stems from all sorts of places, be it Lorelai’s fractured relationship with her parents, the many loves of Rory’s life, Luke’s ups and downs over the course of the show, and the fact that this is a show of completely imperfect characters (The best example being Jess, who is easily the best character in the show).

Gilmore Girls has got it all; good laughs, gripping drama, wonderful characters, even better performances, and seven whole seasons that are worth investing your time in. Above all, it’s a welcome and balanced change from what we’re used to.

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