Gifted – Review

by Wayne D’Cruz Mary (Mckenna Grace), a seven-year old math prodigy lives a sheltered life with her uncle, Frank (Chris Evans) and their next-door neighbour Roberta (Octavia Spencer). Owing to Frank’s pursuit of a simple life for her and well, his resolute denial, Mary’s advanced skills remain unbeknownst to the larger world. That is, until she enrols at the local school. Mary’s teacher, Bonnie (Jenny … Continue reading Gifted – Review

Journey to the South – East End Film Festival Review

An unsolved murder in a mountain village in Southern France feels as if it should be the subject of a Netflix documentary. Instead, this is the subject of Jill Daniels’ latest film (Journey to the South) as she takes a look into the quiet town and its inhabitants. It is a shame that Journey to the South isn’t quite as interesting as the above paragraph … Continue reading Journey to the South – East End Film Festival Review

In Extremis – East End Film Festival Review

In Extremis constantly feels unsure of of its genre and the story it’s trying to tell. Is it a  psychological thriller? A horror? Or an in depth look at the inner turmoil that comes from having your world turned upon its head? Each of these aspects are present within the film, but they tumble together in a haphazard manner, both vying for prominence within the … Continue reading In Extremis – East End Film Festival Review

Held – Theatre Review

There’s a certain special feeling one gets when going to the theatre. The thrill of entering another world; seeing a narrative unfold in front of your very eyes, with sets and actors so wondrous that you never want to leave. Although, there is a whole other realm of theatre that contains stories that deal with everyday, real life, nitty-gritty truths that are called plays. No … Continue reading Held – Theatre Review