Flatliners – Brand New Trailer!

Modern remakes are often…lacklustre. They are immediately unnecessarily and they terribly strip any enjoyment from the original in an attempt to make it “gritty” and “realistic.” It’s just really underwhelming and why Hollywood continues to pursue them is beyond us.

The latest Flatliner trailer truly flatlines in this respect.

The film, starring Ellen Page,Nina Dobrev, and Diego Luna, revolves around a bunch of students who dabble in dying then trying to bring themselves back to life.

The old film with Kiefer Sutherland (who returns,) Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon was silly, campy fun. Yes, it didn’t make a great Oscar worthy thriller but it’s fun makes it fantastic, right? Why do we need it updated?

What do you think?

Flatliners is out later this year! 

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