Pitch Perfect 3 – Brand New Trailer!

Back in 2012, a musical sensation came into our lives. Just the right amount of satire and sass, Pitch Perfect produced finger-tapping numbers and made us all realise how much we all collectively adore Anna Kendrick. It’s follow up back in 2015 was…a lacklustre effort; a convoluted mess with little direction, making us worried for any future outing. Like this third one. The film revolves … Continue reading Pitch Perfect 3 – Brand New Trailer!

Moonlight – Review

This year’s awards season has truly been a better reflection of how diverse the arts talents really are. With no need for the ‘Oscars So White’ hashtag, different races, religions, and sexualities are beginning to receive the roles and on screen portrayals they deserve. With all this in mind it is great to celebrate a film that not only boasts a brilliant black cast but … Continue reading Moonlight – Review

Midnighters – Brand New Trailer!

New Year’s Eve is considered one of the best nights in the year, especially when there’s a whole year of beginnings, fresh starts, and resolutions. However, sometimes it can go terribly wrong… When a couple kill someone in a hit and run, they try to cover up the crime but, instead, invite themselves into a whole lot of trouble. Soon deceit and madness begins to … Continue reading Midnighters – Brand New Trailer!