Sodom – East End Film Festival Review

Let me preface this with a story: I have a friend who likes to break my heart with movies. We all have one. That person who invites you round with the promise of a movie “that you’ll just love,” then two hours later your heart has fallen out of your body until the ground, shattered into a million pieces, and you are being cradled like … Continue reading Sodom – East End Film Festival Review

The Book of Henry – Review

The Book of Henry is a film about legacy. If you can’t fulfil your potential yourself for reasons outside of your control, then how do you achieve your desired outcome? It is a film that breaks at least two rules of conventional Hollywood storytelling in a brave and, according to this reviewer, foolhardy way. You might not enjoy it. It might not be in multiplexes … Continue reading The Book of Henry – Review

Patriot’s Day – Review

Tragedy. We certainly are feeling the brunt of it. Globally, we are caught in this turmoil and turbulence. Our lives rapidly under-fire by the hateful: Terrorism rampaging across our beautiful and diverse cities. We’re constantly being told to hate, to kill, and to maim, and people have lost their lives in order to propagate a terrible agenda. Abhorrent attacks shock us to the core but … Continue reading Patriot’s Day – Review

In Sickness – East End Film Festival Review

I’m truly envious of short filmmakers; I’ve always struggled to contain a story to such a short amount of time and pull it off successfully. As soon as I think of a character, I need them to have entire backstories and long character arcs, and every situation needs to be fleshed out and focus. Ultimately, the subject matter needs to suit the short running time, … Continue reading In Sickness – East End Film Festival Review

The Incredible Jessica James – Brand New Trailer!

When you make a TV series that is popular, you strive to make sure you milk it for all its worth. Hence the reason why Jessica Jones received a completely unrelated, yet similarly titled spin-off called The Incredible Jessica James. I’m kidding, of course, but you can’t deny the title characters of these two shows have names that don’t sit too far apart in the … Continue reading The Incredible Jessica James – Brand New Trailer!