The Incredible Jessica James – Brand New Trailer!

When you make a TV series that is popular, you strive to make sure you milk it for all its worth. Hence the reason why Jessica Jones received a completely unrelated, yet similarly titled spin-off called The Incredible Jessica James.

I’m kidding, of course, but you can’t deny the title characters of these two shows have names that don’t sit too far apart in the alphabet…

The latest shot from Netflix’s originality cannon is a fairly common or garden searching for love story. But what sells it is the talented lead (Jessica Williams) and supporting cast (including Chris O’Dowd and Lakeith Stanfield.)

It may not have superheroes, but The Incredible Jessica James looks like it will be a rather funny (if awkwardly so at times) show to binge over a weekend.

The Incredible Jessica James comes to Netflix on July 28th!

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