Voice from the Stone – Brand New Trailer!

If the promotional description of your film features several references to other, much more popular stories, you might just be scraping the bottom of the barrel and need to come to the acceptance that you can only polish a turd so far before it just falls apart. Such is the case for Voice from the Stone.

The film stars Emilia Clarke (who, as the synopsis that was sent out with the press release repeatedly states, is in Game of Thrones) as a young governess to a mute child who recently lost his mother.

The film appears to draw upon several gothic horrors, including The Others, Turn of the Screw and (to a much lesser extent) The Woman in Black.

Will you be watching when this film hits DVD and VOD on the day the final episode of Game of Thrones Season Seven is airing? (Why yes, that was also mentioned in the junket!)

Voice from the Stone is out on DVD and VOD August 28th.

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