The Foreigner – Brand New Trailer!

Jackie Chan is a global hero. He’s been kicking ass for decades. So much so, he recently one an Honorary Academy Award for his work. His a legend, so we’re excited for him to grace our cinematic soil again. The film revolves around a Vietnamese immigrant who heads to London for the revenge of his daughters death due to a terrorist attack. Teaming up with … Continue reading The Foreigner – Brand New Trailer!

London Heist – Brand New Trailer!

London Heist features quite possibly the most generic title known to man; within it we literally have the location and premise of the film, if the writer threw in a couple more adjectives, then there is a good chance that you wouldn’t need to see the film after it had been summarised in all the trailers and film posters. To top off the dull-as-dishwater title, … Continue reading London Heist – Brand New Trailer!

5 Amazing Musical Biopics

Musicians and the world of the music industry has been celebrated and vilified in every single way. Everyone on this planet enjoys a good tune or two but the popular and glitzy showbiz world of musical celebrities has its troubles and toils. Many a good artist succumbs to its ways and, often, their lives are cut short. The behind the scenes or on camera escapades … Continue reading 5 Amazing Musical Biopics