London Heist – Brand New Trailer!

London Heist features quite possibly the most generic title known to man; within it we literally have the location and premise of the film, if the writer threw in a couple more adjectives, then there is a good chance that you wouldn’t need to see the film after it had been summarised in all the trailers and film posters.

To top off the dull-as-dishwater title, the film itself looks positively average and filled with hackneyed clichés as a group of career criminals who perform “one last, big score” to get revenge on the people who killed someone important to the protagonist and stole their money.

Expect gunfights, car chases, and lots of swears as Ray Winstone v2.0 mugs his way across the screen.

Do we really have to sit through all this again?

London Heist is out on DVD and Digital Download July 17th

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