Pawn Sacrifice – Brand New Trailer

The award for the most ridiculous title has to go to this – Pawn Sacrifice. I literally have spent the past two hours starring at this thinking it said Prawn. Good grief. Anyway, it’s not any type of aquatic animal

Starring Tobey Macguire, the film revolves around chess genius Bobbie Fischer who squares off against Russian rival Boris Spassky in the acclaimed 1972 “Match of the Century.”

Directed by Edward Zwick (Glory,) and are written by screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises,) this could be good but how interesting could a film about chess be?

What do you think?

Pawn Sacrifice is out 13th August 

The Tiger Hunter – Brand New Trailer!

It is always refreshing when you see an actor you feared typecast allowed to spread their wings and seek out different roles. Such is the case when it comes to Danny Pudi, probably best known for his role as Abed Nadir on Community.

Whilst he is leaving the character role of a somewhat autistic, film obsessive, he’s still flying fairly close to home by staying within the bounds of the comedy genre.

His latest film, The Tiger Hunter, sees Pudi taking on the role of Sami Malik who moves to America from India to become a successful engineer, only to find that it doesn’t work out that way, requiring him to plan an elaborate charade in order to help make his childhood sweetheart fall for him.

The film looks like it will be fairly predictable, but it might also help shine a light on the treatment of minorities in the workforce (albeit the treatment in the 1970s.)

Regardless, with Jon Heder and Karen David showing up in supporting roles, it will surely elicit a few mirthful chuckles at the very least.

The Tiger Hunter is out in select cinemas September 22nd!

Open City Documentary Festival – Programme Revealed!

If you spend a lot of your time immersed in films and documentaries, then September in the UK is like Christmas. You’ve got the run up to The BFI London Film Festival in October and you have the Open City Documentary to kickstart your month with a blinding list of factual tales that are guaranteed to have you frothing at the mouth!

Last week, the Open City Documentary Festival announced its programme for this year’s festival from September 5th – 10th.

The show will have 21 feature length, and 15 short documentaries having their UK premiere at this hallowed event, which will be screened at 13 locations around London, including Picturehouse Central, Genesis Cinema, Tate Modern and the British Library.

From the first evening’s screening of Ziad Kalthoum’s Taste of Cement, to the grand finale of Lee Ann Schmitt’s Purge This Land, there are plenty of documentaries to sink your teeth into and digest.

For more information, check out the Open City Documentary Festival’s website!

The Open City Documentary Festival runs from September 5th until September 10th!

A Taxi Driver – Brand New Trailer

I can’t begin to imagine the terror that must come when you find yourself in the middle of a revolutionary uprising, yet this is the premise of A Taxi Driver as it tells the story of the titular driver after he picks up a journalist who asks to be taken to Gwanju, a town that has been blockaded by the military due to a student protest.

In many ways, the film’s marketing seems to imply an almost lighthearted/comical story, before diving straight into a much darker and emotionally hard-hitting world.

A Taxi Driver looks to be a film that will hit you in the heart.

A Taxi Driver is out on August 11th!

mother! – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

A combination of Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Darren Aronofsky should promise nothing but good things, and when they slowly tease out a horror film that looks filled to the brim with insane horror, and creepy strangers, you can count most of us here at We Make Movies on Weekends on board!

The film revolves around a couple in a seemingly secluded house When a couple turn up on their door step, the pair find themselves unravelling.

There is an air of Rosemary’s Baby about this (I’m predicting cult and the husband is involved,) but the tension that mounts throughout the film is intriguing enough to want us to watch more.

The official trailer for Mother is out on August 8th!

Will you be watching?

Psycho 2 – Review

It seems to be a scary movie staple that you most procreate with sequels. After all, hitting on a good frightening movie cannot be left for just one terrifying movie. Hollywood monopolise on these movies all the time. The “game changing” Paranormal Activity has four instalments, Freddy has been haunting our nightmares for nine episode and Friday 13th has Jason stalking us for a whopping nine episodes. You just can’t seem to let a horror movie lie in midst of originality and fright. So it comes as no surprise that eventually someone would take one of the scariest movies of all time and make a sequel out of it. Yes, that’s right, they tried to do Hitchcock and in 1983, Psycho 2 was released.

Image result for psycho 2

Psycho 2 sees Anthony Perkins reprise his role as the villainous  Norman Bates. After 22 years, Norman Bates is released back into the world. Taking up residence and business again at the Bates motel, his freedom is protested by Lila Loomis, the sister of famous victim Marion Crane. As Norman is trying to readjust to life becoming a dishwasher, he strikes up a friendship with fellow employee Mary Samuels. However, his new life is threatened and a ghost from his past is set to constantly haunt him.

As with most sequels, Psycho 2 is inherently unnecessary and incomparable to Hitchcock’s terrifying and memorable original. Psycho was and still is one of the greatest movies of all time with such an iconic villain that there was no need to try to capture that in a sequel a whopping 22 years later. Add this to a heavy plot that relies too much on complicating its story rather than play it straight. Trying to emulate the shocking twist from the first, Psycho 2 dabbles too much in trying to surprise with the ending, making it all feel kind of cheap.

Image result for psycho 2
Director Richard Franklin surprisingly keeps a great level of thriller and suspense that is akin to the original movie. If you can watch this as a stand-alone movie, then Psycho 2 has some genuine bumps and thrills. Keeping the broody affair that Hitchcock did, there is a great balance between the killing spree and some in jokes, making it a darkly comic and entertaining ride. Franklin and screen-writer Tom Holland (who wrote Child’s Play and Fright Night so is adept at handling eighties thriller romps,) are clear fans here and work greatly with Perkins to truly touch on Norman’s broken psyche give an effective and great thriller. It is certainly better than some of the more ridiculous movies to come out of the eighties

Recently, I called Psycho 2 trashy. It is. It isn’t completely trashy in a Leprechaun or Jason X kind of way, but this is movie has its moments. While the plot is imaginative. there are too many twists and it relies too much on the reputation of the previous movie in order to garter some revenue. Don’t get me wrong, it is still highly enjoyable and worth watching particularly with Bates Motel delighting on the small screen. And let’s not forget the impressive performance by our lead man

Because while Psycho 2 isn’t great, it certainly has its Perkins.

Pyscho 2 is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now!