Borg vs McEnroe – Brand New Trailer!

Fake green pitches, strawberries and green, heads that turn from left to right following a little green ball fly into the air. Yep, it’s tennis season as Wimbledon has kicked off. To celebrate, they’ve released a brand new trailer for tennis film Borg vs McEnroe which does exactly what it should on on the film title tin. The film revolves around the pair’s infamous rivalry … Continue reading Borg vs McEnroe – Brand New Trailer!

Pop Up Screens – Summer Line-Up Announced!

People go watch films in any weather but there is always some guilt when it comes to summer. Shirking away from the sunlight seems impossible when people implore you to frolic in it. Never fear, however, because we have the solution – Pop Up Screens. That’s the name of the event too! This year, there is a whole programme of delights from Deadpool to Four … Continue reading Pop Up Screens – Summer Line-Up Announced!

Trespass Against Us – Review

Michael Fassbender is one of those actors who can do no wrong. In fact, it’s infuriating to think of his enormous body of work and realise that he hasn’t phoned in a performance yet. Even in terrible films such as Jonah Hex and, recently, Assassin’s Creed, Fassbender has always put in such amazing work. The man put on a ruddy great big paper mache head … Continue reading Trespass Against Us – Review