Pop Up Screens – Summer Line-Up Announced!

People go watch films in any weather but there is always some guilt when it comes to summer. Shirking away from the sunlight seems impossible when people implore you to frolic in it. Never fear, however, because we have the solution – Pop Up Screens.

That’s the name of the event too! This year, there is a whole programme of delights from Deadpool to Four Weddings at a Funeral, coaxing over The Big Lebowski, toe-tapping to La La Land, and a short transverse through Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

You can find these events in Fulham, Greenwich, and all across London. You can munch on popcorn from Drum and Kernel, burgers and craft beer on offer and you can bring your own drinks and snacks too. Harley Dogs will be catering to every weekend event, a Harley Davidson complete with a BBQ. Because that sounds fucking tasty.

So pick up your sunglasses, apply your sunscreen you pasty film lovers, and pull up a blanket to these incredible events.

 Check Out Pop-Up Screens Complete Summer 2017 Programme
More Dates TBC

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