Game of Thrones – Brand New Merchandise!

In two weeks time, we shall return to the lands of Westeros to once again follow the political intrigue, bloody battles and dragons. For many people, they’ll simply watch Game of Thrones whilst sat on their sofa and drinking a glass of wine, but for the more discerning among us, it is a time to wear the robes of the Night’s Watch and sit on our replica Iron Throne (made of balsa wood and prayers) as we settle in to another evening of one of the greatest shows ever made.

But is that enough for you?

Wouldn’t you like to add even more Game of Thrones goodness to your evening of carousing?

Luckily for you, the HBO store’s got you covered.

First up are some stemless wine glasses featuring the crests of the noble Houses of Stark and Targaryen, or the beautiful logo of the show itself. You can sip like a Khaleesi as George RR Martin kills yet another one of your favourite characters then reveals that the entire show was just the dream of Arya’s Direwolf and everyone is alive and living happily.

Of course, after you have imbibed the finest libations out of your stemless wine glass, you must prevent the wine from going off by stoppering it using a collectible Dragon Egg Wine Stopper, a must have for any Queen of Dragons.

All these items and many more can be found on HBO’s Online Shop!

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