Let’s Get Critical: Why Criticism Still Matters

“We don’t make films for critics.” It’s the general statement that happens gets trotted out by artists whenever a surge of negative reviews surrounds their product. Films such as Transformers: The Dark Knight, TV show Iron Fist, and  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice all have  people clambering to tell us that their product in no way wanted good reviews. These shows seemingly polarise critics and … Continue reading Let’s Get Critical: Why Criticism Still Matters

Neruda – Review

In the latter half of 2016, Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín garnered international acclaim for a little film named Jackie, a stirring portrait of grief endured by the titular Jackie Kennedy, following the brutal assassination of her husband. As expected, Jackie ticked the appropriate boxes (including nominations for Best Performance by an Actress In a Leading Role, Best Achievement in Costume Design and Best Original Score) … Continue reading Neruda – Review