You Must Watch…GLOW (Netflix)

Way back in the formative years of my youth, I had a friend who loved to watch wrestling, if it wasn’t on, we’d end up playing the WWF licensed video games ad infinitum until the “real thing” started on TV. In all that time I never understood the appeal of the franchise, it wasn’t until I watched GLOW on Netflix that I began to understand … Continue reading You Must Watch…GLOW (Netflix)

Patti Cake$ – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Underdog movies, we certainly love them. Seeing someone triumph against the odds really gets our goat. So we’re very excited about Patti Cake$, the Netflix original movie that made a buzz at Sundance London Film Festival. The film revolves around aspiring rapper Patricia Dombrowski who dreams of becoming big as the titular star. Through trials and tribulations, she tries her hardest to make it in the … Continue reading Patti Cake$ – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Icarus – Brand New Trailer!

The Russian Doping Scandal will be one of the most notorious sporting debacles that will go down in history. The revelations of just how long and how widespread the affair was is still having impacting sports to this day, and likely will continue on for the foreseeable future. This latest documentary by Netflix delves into the depths of whistleblowers, and cover ups that followed the … Continue reading Icarus – Brand New Trailer!

Fun Mom Dinner – Brand New Trailer

Whilst I have no experience of it, being a parent is a hard job to do. There are very few holiday periods, you always have to be on the clock, and eventually your adorable little cherub will grow up into a farting, smelling, swearing teenager who wants absolutely nothing to do with you. Which is why it’s so important to cherish those moments when you … Continue reading Fun Mom Dinner – Brand New Trailer

Polaroid – Brand New Trailer

As we become more and more ensconced within our digital world, we see more and more attempts made at freaking everybody out with their old analogue counterparts. The latest piece of technology from a bygone era (and nowadays, the indicator of hipsters everywhere) is that of the Polaroid camera in the aptly named film, Polaroid. The film suggests it has taken a series of ideas … Continue reading Polaroid – Brand New Trailer