Fun Mom Dinner – Brand New Trailer

Whilst I have no experience of it, being a parent is a hard job to do. There are very few holiday periods, you always have to be on the clock, and eventually your adorable little cherub will grow up into a farting, smelling, swearing teenager who wants absolutely nothing to do with you. Which is why it’s so important to cherish those moments when you can have a free evening without having to worry about those little bundles of joy.

Of course, one thing you shouldn’t do is turn that sort of night out into a farcical comedy which looks like the director is trying to create a female led version of The Hangover, which is what the trailers for Fun Mom Dinner appear to be aiming for.

The film itself looks to rely heavily on stereotypes which were outdated before the Victorian era was over such as incompetent fathers and women being the only sensible person in the relationship. It’s not a good sign when that sort of thing happens, and it should sound alarms in your head when you get within thirty feet of any trailer of this sort.

Fun Mom Dinner is out in cinemas in 2017.

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