Elle – Review

The opening scene of Elle throws you right into the disturbing chaos. Our lead character is raped by an intruder in her home leaving her bloodied and abused. As he leaves, she calmly collects herself, picks up the broken dishes, bathes, and wakes up the next day, carrying on relatively normal. Instantly, Paul Verhoeven’s work is already disturbing. Not because the character reacts to the … Continue reading Elle – Review

Logan – Review

by Dave House Logan is easily the best Wolverine movie with some of the greatest scenes we’ve ever seen in the – Men franchise. Mature, uber violent, and brilliantly acted, Logan is a terrific entry into the superhero genre and a great swan song to everyone’s favourite man with claws. In what’s said to be the last outing for Jackman’s Wolverine, mutants have mostly died … Continue reading Logan – Review