A Change in the Weather – review

In this day and age, the films people gravitate most towards seem to be expensive and flashy blockbuster affairs with very set character types. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that: one of my personal favourite films of 2017 so far is the DC smash Wonder Woman. I sometimes pine for simpler and less gratuitous films with enthralling stories and in-depth, three dimensional characters. I want to see different kinds of characters portrayed on the screen that aren’t specimens of physical perfection. I did think that A Change In The Weather – an improv film exploring a man’s desire to rekindle his marriage and creative collaboration – may have been the antidote I needed however this did not prove to be the case.

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One of the fundamental rules of telling a story in TV or film is to show rather than tell. It’s far more effective to see someone cry than for them to say “I’m crying.” A Change In The Weather doesn’t quite go that route. It’s very obvious very quickly what is going on and where the narrative will go which makes watching it a bit of a dull experience. The narrative is very character driven and revolves entirely around their development but any enjoyment gained by the audience goes once they realise they’ve seen this kind of plot before despite the film’s apparent self-importance. It’s a crying shame as the casting was near perfect and the acting from each person was pretty decent considering what little they seem to have to go on.

The narrative may be a slight slog but audiences may stay to watch the visual beauty shown through the pitch perfect cinematography. The shots in A Change In The Weather may be simple but they are well composed and capture the subjects on screen incredibly well. Unfortunately the editing, direction and the script breaks whatever narrative flow existed dead in its tracks and makes the audience question why certain shots and entire scenes are there to begin with. At points it’s about as awkward as an unfunny Family Guy cutaway gag and very confusing. One moment the wife Lydia (played by Anna Mottram) and her husband (played by Bob Goody) are sat discussing their project in the bathroom and the next there’s a random gentleman tending to some kind of tree trunk in a location that doesn’t seem to connect near to the previous scene. Where are we? Who is he? What’s the point of the scene? Is it supposed to symbolize the state of their marriage? In the time it takes me to get to the fourth question, the film has moved on without providing any further context to what was just witnessed.

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Visually great but lacking anything much of substance, A Change In The Weather feels like the film equivalent of a messy scrapbook or photo album of memories. Perhaps people more into artsy films with a loose understanding of the word “plot” may gain more enjoyment out of this but it’s definitely not a film for everyone.

A Change in the Weather is out in cinemas now! 

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