Finding Your Feet – Brand New Trailer!

As many of our A-List actors start to reach that age where many normal folk would consider retiring and seeing out their final years with their feet up, a cup of tea and maybe some light gardening, there comes a requirement for them to perform in films which show the elderly demographic getting a new lease on life.

They’re pretty formulaic, but in the end, they are heart-warming pieces that are inoffensive and easy to watch.

Finding Your Feet ticks all the boxes for such a film; fantastic British cast? Check, a long seated rivalry/alienation for the protagonist to overcome? Check, potential romance blossoms as the cast is jetted off to a romantic city in Europe? Double check!

This film will be watched by many people, and enjoyed by many more as they doze in front of their TV on a Sunday evening.

Finding Your Feet is out in cinemas in October!

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