Genocidal Organ – Review

Right now, there is an outpouring of anime. We are definitely experiencing a resurgence on our little isle. With more and more titles being released for cinematic runs or special screenings, we’re being spoilt. The attention to the genre is great. More variety in our movies could lead to extraordinary things within the cinematic community. That being said, there is a phrase out there about … Continue reading Genocidal Organ – Review

Monterey Pop at The Ritzy + Post-Screening Discussion with Us!

As a child of the 90s, the majority of my knowledge from the 1960s is firmly ensconced in the music scene and films made at the time, as well as a few apocryphal stories from my parents when they were wee bairns. As such, I have forced myself to take all renditions of the era with a pinch of salt. One iconic event that regularly … Continue reading Monterey Pop at The Ritzy + Post-Screening Discussion with Us!

Lucky – Brand New Trailer!

I have a rule of thumb that anything connected with David Lynch is worth a look into, be it directed, acted, or even sung, it should be experienced at least once (and then several more times to understand the first viewing.) But it is not Lynch’s doing that drew my attention to Lucky, but its protagonist. Lucky, John Carroll Lynch’s debut film is already being … Continue reading Lucky – Brand New Trailer!

Killing Hasselhoff – Brand New Trailer

Ever since Baywatch, David Hasselhoff has been known to make some questionable choices with his career (some people may include Baywatch on that list too.) Other than singing atop the Berlin Wall as it came down, a lot of The Hoff’s appearances have been pitiful self-parodies in an attempt to stay relevant, with Hoff the Record being the most noticeable recent attempt. Sure, he’s had … Continue reading Killing Hasselhoff – Brand New Trailer