Shin Godzilla – Brand New Trailer!

It’s hard to deny that Godzilla has had a pretty tough time in the West. First we had the god-awful Matthew Broderick outing in 1998, which was then followed up by the 2014 reboot which suggested that Walter White would be leading the charge to save the world against gigantic radioactive lizards and other sundry creatures, but turned out to be nothing of the sort.

Now, however, we can see the greatness that started the whole love affair with the King of the Kaiju.

Toho Scope, the original creators, has made the latest film in the franchise, Shin Godzilla, and it looks wonderful. The film has made the tour of both Japan and America, but it is finally coming to our shores on August 10th for some exclusive screenings.

Hold on to your hats people. The Kaiju is coming…

Shin Godzilla is out is available for exclusive screenings August 10th!

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