Leatherface – Brand New Trailer!

Let me ask you a question; Have you ever seen a good horror villain and thought to yourself “Golly-Gee! I just gotta understand why this person/thing/hellbeast from another dimension decided to start killing everyone!”?

Be honest, you haven’t. Have you.

It is this question which plagues my mind so, because I recently stumbled across the latest announcements for Leatherface, the brand new horror origin for the villain of the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which promises to delve into how our favourite madman became so enamoured of his iconic weapon.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if, instead of the nigh-on torture porn this film is bound to give us, this all turned out to be a romantic comedy, about a young lad and his love for chopping down trees until he accidentally mutilated a young couple and he spent the rest of his life trying to make amends by chasing people away with a chainsaw?

No. That would be terrible, but still more original than this.

Leatherface  is out on DirecTV on September 21st!

(Couldn’t even get it to cinemas guys? You’re making this too easy!)

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