Monster Island – Review

It’s summer! The sticky palmed and screeching population of our loins have exactly zero distraction with educations and are left to the exhaustion of their desperate parents. Everywhere entertainment facilities are filled with whiny crotch goblins and their equally complaint riddled carers in hopes that a colourful and LED light spinning machine will help distract for a few gloriously quiet hours. I’m not a parent … Continue reading Monster Island – Review

To the Bone – Review

To the Bone is directed by Marti Noxon and stars Lily Collins as Ellen, a 20 year old college drop out suffering with anorexia. She reluctantly agrees to take part in an inpatient program, lead by an unconventional doctor (Keanu Reeves), and housed with five others all suffering the same issues. Now before I go any further with this review, I think it’s important to … Continue reading To the Bone – Review

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women – Brand New Trailer!

Earlier this year, we were so overcome with how superb Wonder Woman was! She kicked ass, she punched enemies, and she was completely superb in everything she does. Now we get to find out how she came to be with Professor Marston and the Wonder Women!  Based on a true story, the film revolves around Dr William Moulton Marston who created the iconic Wonder Woman … Continue reading Professor Marston and the Wonder Women – Brand New Trailer!

Crown Heights – Brand New Trailer!

LaKeiith Stanfield is one of our greatest young actors. Establishing his name in drama Short Term 12 and appearing in greats such as Dope, Straight Outta Compton and, more recently, Get Out, Stanfield is a talent with a great career on his name. This year, you can see him as L in the Netflix Death Note adaptation but you can also see him in this … Continue reading Crown Heights – Brand New Trailer!

The Disaster Artist – Brand New Trailer!

I am an unashamed fan of “so bad it’s good” movies. Bad films are usually infuriating and sometimes outright offensive but there’s something very entertaining about films that are so bad they’re entertaining. Films that not only have questionable dialogue and plot holes bigger than a black hole but also bizarre editing choices, odd camera angles, out of sync ADR and many more issues that … Continue reading The Disaster Artist – Brand New Trailer!