The Disaster Artist – Brand New Trailer!

I am an unashamed fan of “so bad it’s good” movies. Bad films are usually infuriating and sometimes outright offensive but there’s something very entertaining about films that are so bad they’re entertaining. Films that not only have questionable dialogue and plot holes bigger than a black hole but also bizarre editing choices, odd camera angles, out of sync ADR and many more issues that makes the audience wonder what the directors, producers and film company executives were thinking or how the film ever made it to completion. One classic film that is so bad it’s good is Tommy Wisseau’s The Room. One of the stars of that film Greg Sestero wrote The Disaster Artist about his experiences with Wisseau and the film. It has been turned into a movie starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Bryan Cranston and more. The first trailer has dropped.

The trailers depict scenes with Tommy (played by James Franco) struggling to remember a line known to The Room fans as one of the worst performed lines in the entire movie. It’s quite entertaining watching a man without a scrap of talent trying to act and direct at the same time with an exhausted crew trying desperately to get one simple line done. It’s a fun, teasing glimpse of a film many have been waiting patiently for.

The Disaster Artist is out later this year. 

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