Pacific Rim Uprising – Brand New Teaser!

The original Pacific Rim got a split response. For some people, they thought it was cheesy and predictable. On the other, it’s an intricate and brilliant and mindblowingly awesome. We’re on the latter side so we’re excited for the second film. Pacific Film Uprising sees the return of Jaeger’s as the world is threatened once more! Co-roduced by John Boyega (with UpperRoom Productions) and starring … Continue reading Pacific Rim Uprising – Brand New Teaser!

Wonderstruck – Brand New Trailer!

Todd Haynes is one the greatest directors of all time. From Velvet Goldmine to, most recently, Carol, his work is gloriously stunning to watch. He looks to return greatly in Wonderstruck.  Based on a book by Brian Selznick, the film revolves around young girl Rose who runs away to find her idol Lillian Mayhew whilst Ben runs away to find his missing father. Through different … Continue reading Wonderstruck – Brand New Trailer!

Jigsaw – Brand New Trailer & Clip!

If there are anything that is more annoying than reboots and remakes, it’s sequels to long played out horrors. For the Saw franchise, which should’ve wrapped up by the third film, here’s another sequel – Jigsaw.  The film sees another Jigsaw killer, taking the twisted scenario signature, and putting victims through murderous tests. Yeah. For ardent horror fans, this will be a treat. But it … Continue reading Jigsaw – Brand New Trailer & Clip!

The Snowman – Brand New Trailer!

Michael Fassbender is one of our greatest actors who always performs to his best ability but sometimes gets really shoddy projects to work on. Luckily, the director of Tinker Tailor Solider Spy has cast him in a brand new thriller base on a book by Jo Nesbo called The Snowman.  Whilst it isn’t a sinister retelling of the old Christmas cartoon, it is a film … Continue reading The Snowman – Brand New Trailer!