You Must Watch…Misfits (Netflix & All4)

I was milling around Twitter yesterday when someone started talking about how much funnier life would be if Magneto (from X-Men) didn’t control metal. Instead, he controlled cheese. Imagine how hilarious it would be if big ropes of cheddar were wrapped around people’s throats as they clenched in terror. Imagine a tidal wave of nacho cheese raining down in fiery passion. Imagine big balls of … Continue reading You Must Watch…Misfits (Netflix & All4)

Una – Brand New Trailer

Have you ever seen such a collection of talented actors? Rooney Mara! Riz Ahmed!! BEN MENDELSOHN!!!!!!! Yes, those actors who gift us such visceral and important performances every time. So we’re excited to see them together in Una.  The film revolves around a young girl who has an obsession with an older neighbour who eventually gives into his warranted desires. Flash forward years later where … Continue reading Una – Brand New Trailer

Til Death Do Us Part – Brand New Trailer!

There is a subsection of horror and thriller movies that feel like exploitative garb – Til Death Do Us Part is definitely like this. The film revolves around a young woman who struggles to leave a violent marriage after her dream man turns nightmarish monster. For fans of movies such as Sleeping With The Enemy and Enough, this is a TV “Lifetime” romp that will grip. … Continue reading Til Death Do Us Part – Brand New Trailer!