Don’t be a Pratt: 3 Ways to Fix Passengers

When Passengers hit cinemas last year, it immediately generated a lot of controversy; I didn’t get a chance to catch it at the time, but people were very unhappy with the direction the film took, especially with regards to how it was advertised. I only recently got the chance to watch this film via Blu-Ray rental, and I was completely dumbfounded by what I saw. … Continue reading Don’t be a Pratt: 3 Ways to Fix Passengers

9/11 – A Trailer Thing

You know when you see something and your immediate reaction is “No. Absolutely not. No way. Not by any means. Big no-no. Negative. Not today. Not tomorrow either. Never. No, this can’t be happening. Stop the presses. Cut the chord. Pull the train into the station. Reel it in, folks. It’s time to STOP”? Yeah. That’s the only reasonable reaction to this film. 9/11 – … Continue reading 9/11 – A Trailer Thing

Happy Death Day – New Trailer

Something about my desire to see this film makes my stomach turn. Just the thought that someone might look at me and say “Hey Robbie, what horror films are you looking forward to this year?” and with the pressure of their unprompted, specific question grinding down on me, I’ll have to look them in the eye and say “Happy Death Day” and ruin the friendship … Continue reading Happy Death Day – New Trailer