On The Short Circuit: Karen from Finance

Drag is everywhere at the moment. Everyone and their mothers are completely obsessed with all things cinched and all things wigged. Thanks to the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race, drag has gone from the clubs and nightlife to mainstream life. In fact, side bar, I just had an hour meeting that turned into two because we were both frothing from the mouth about the show. It’s just that good.

Not a RuPaul star, but certainly making waves in the drag community, Karen from Finance is the focus of this beautifully filmed short.

Directed by Dan Ali, Karen from Finance sees the titular star, performed by Richard Chadwick, drive around the city of Melbourne, Australia. This small snippet looks at Richard, the impact of his mother’s breast cancer ordeal, and the increasing popularity of his alter ego Karen.

This short film is such a simple premise, shot from the back of Chadwick’s car as he speaks about his life. With a poodle in tow, the film’s cinematography and shooting style is evocative. Learning more about Karen and Chadwick, the film drives along this narrative journey in a spectacular way. It’s short but stunning, dragging you into Chadwick’s world (pun fully intended.) Even if it is just a small part of it.

There are snippets of Karen throughout, culminating in one final (and fierce,) look that highlights Chadwick’s talent. As the star has toured with the likes of Bob the Drag Queen, Katya and, Trixie Mattel (the pair even mentioning her on their popular webseries UNGHhh), and has recently been featured on Hey Qween, this is a compelling look at a icon in the making. Fabulous, fun, and ferocious, Karen from Finance is not a name you’ll be forgetting soon.

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