The Tiger Hunter – Brand New Trailer!

It is always refreshing when you see an actor you feared typecast allowed to spread their wings and seek out different roles. Such is the case when it comes to Danny Pudi, probably best known for his role as Abed Nadir on Community.

Whilst he is leaving the character role of a somewhat autistic, film obsessive, he’s still flying fairly close to home by staying within the bounds of the comedy genre.

His latest film, The Tiger Hunter, sees Pudi taking on the role of Sami Malik who moves to America from India to become a successful engineer, only to find that it doesn’t work out that way, requiring him to plan an elaborate charade in order to help make his childhood sweetheart fall for him.

The film looks like it will be fairly predictable, but it might also help shine a light on the treatment of minorities in the workforce (albeit the treatment in the 1970s.)

Regardless, with Jon Heder and Karen David showing up in supporting roles, it will surely elicit a few mirthful chuckles at the very least.

The Tiger Hunter is out in select cinemas September 22nd!

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