Suburbicon – Brand New Trailer!

When cities became more and more congested, the more affluent members of society decided to move to the outskirts to have more space and freedom to raise their children and live the idyllic, carefree life away from all the smog and noise from the city.

In America during the mid 20th century, the suburb was viewed as the greatest place to live on earth, with friendly neighbours, constantly sunny days and a lovely sepia tone to the entire area. It was peaceful and wonderful, but what if there was a seedy underbelly that threatened to turn things on its head? One that needed a single spark to create chaos?

Such is the plot of Suburbicon, written and directed by George Clooney, the dark comedy stars Matt Damon as an average white-collar worker who manages to get on the wrong side of the mob, and decides to take the law into his own hands.

The film won’t make compelling watching for everyone, but it’s certainly on my list!

Suburbicon is out in cinemas October 27th!

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