The Emoji Movie – Review

by Hannah Holmes 

Judging by the many trailers and adverts for the new film, it seems that many kids have been audibly excited for new film The Emoji Movie. Yes, if you hadn’t heard so already, the phone craze of sending yellowed expression filled faces is becoming an animated movie, in what probably seems to be a fun, ‘be-yourself’ film. “Bright colours, well-known emojis and ‘comedic’ characters,” the targeted audiences may be thinking. And the movie, needless to say, does deliver all three.

Just in a horribly horrific, and horrifying way.

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From four different screenwriters, The Emoji Movie revolves around the secret world in your phone. In particular, Alex’s phone. In the imagined world of Textopolis (no, really, four screenwriters,) Gene is a “Meh” emoji who just, sadly, cannot keep the smile off his face. Entering The Cube to go to work as a specified emotion, it all goes wrong when Gene cannot control his expressions, nearly destroying the Emoji Centre (FOUR SCREENWRITERS.) Sentenced to be destroyed by Malware, Gene sets off to find a hacker who can freeze his expression for good.

Never before have I seen such a change in excited happy children entering the cinema then leaving the film utterly bewildered and depressed. The Emoji Movie is not to my taste, nor to the people who watched. In fact, there are very few I can think of whose taste is this film. Sony’s latest creation is poorly written, repetitive, and unoriginal such as “All the ‘Meh’ Emoji’s are unemotional as they say emotional stuff – ha, ha!” This specific joke plagued the film every five minutes.

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Every character was either irritating or cringe-worthy, through both the script and design (do I even need to mention the predictable, cliched “I like you just how you are” line?) The film focused on Gene too much, whose journey was a tired trope was an astonishingly soul-crushing journey of finding out that he’s special just the way he is! The forced and garish romance between the main male and female characters was as unnecessary as it was ridiculous. The animation, aside from the characters, I must confess, was pleasing in the way that the well-drawn pixel backgrounds were a well-needed distraction from the distressing and disappointing, well, everything else.

The Emoji Movie was boring and the only reason you’ll pay attention to the film is because of the ever-present and ever-increasing feel of “well, it can’t get any worse than this.”

Hey, that’s just my opinion, I’m sure that the many kids who watched the film and didn’t so much as giggle at any moment all enjoyed it!

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Watch that.

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