Satan Has A Bushy – Short Film Review

How do you feel about squirrels? Are they adorable leaping critters that come and scoff snacks from you? Or are they tree climbing rodents with brush like tails that will bite, maim, and steel at any turn?

Or are they a bonding experience?

That’s explored in comedy drama film Satan Has A Busy Tail.

Written and directed by Louis Paxton, Satan Has A Bushy Tail revolves around an old man who has recently been widowed. When his hapless grandson comes to stay after splitting from his own wife, the men discover similarities and differences in both their losses. Soon they join voices…to hunt down a vicious squirrel that has been terrorising the bird feeder outside…

What starts off as an intriguing fun caper becomes an intricate look at love and loss. The silly ploy that brings these two characters together begins as a quirky job and unravels emotionally. Through the dialogue and chemistry between the leads, the film is a poignant yet comedic look at men isolated in their own emotions coming together against a particular evil.

Shot beautifully, the film has some great cinematography for a low budget short film and has a fantastic look to it. Actors Tom Bennett and Richard Durden have an excellent grandfather/grandson relationship as the pair grapple with a pest and both their different circumstances.

Satan Has A Bushy Tail is a treat and an intimate exploration of family differences, grief, and love.

The final few seconds, however, are definitely nuts.

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