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What Happened to Monday – Brand New Trailer!

What happened to Monday is often the question I ask myself somewhere around 6:00AM on Tuesday, as I rouse myself from sleep and proceed to get ready for another day. The answer is normally “heavily repressed under a layer of drink as with all weekdays.”

However this isn’t the case for the Netflix original, instead, it promises a fantastically gripping Sci-Fi thriller starring Noomi Rapace playing seven sisters in a world that is dominated by a one child policy that is in place to prevent overpopulation.

The film also stars Willem Dafoe and Glenn Close as the girls’ doting father and the head of the Child Administration Bureau respectively.

With a fantastic cast and a gripping premise, this film looks set to having us hold our breath at its August 18th release.

What Happened to Monday is out on Netflix August 18th!

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