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In a Heartbeat – Short Film Review

Never underestimate the power of a short film; it’s easy to assume that a run time less than 10 minutes can’t possibly the match the power or entertainment of a feature length film, but with the right amount of passion, those few minutes can go very far. Beth David and Esteban Bravo clearly have the right amount of passion, because In a Heartbeat is truly wonderful.

In a Heartbeat is the four minute tale of a closeted school boy with very deep feelings for his class mate. He wants to keep this secret, but his heart has other ideas, nearly outing him as it chases after the one he adores most. A simple premise told in a whimsical yet provocative manner; the animation of this film is gorgeous, an easy rival to the types of short films released in cinema, and the story is beautifully portrayed. It incorporates very clever of visual gags and metaphors that make for a much deeper experience than what you may believe.

Everything about the film feels very natural; the comedy works, the emotions are high, and at no point does it ever feel contrived or forced. It’s sweet and enlightening, and almost everyone has fallen in love with it. I say almost, as I’ve already seen a handful of negative comments regarding the film’s subject matter, but the idea that someone could watch this and not be filled with joy is one I can’t comprehend.

From sweet and cheerful to touching and tender, In a Heartbeat captures in four minutes what some films fail to do in two hours. It’s available now on Youtube, so please check it out now. It was by far the best four minutes of my day.

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