Going in Style – Review

Cookie N Screen takes a look at the directing and writing of Going in Style. Zach Braff is best known for his work in television series Scrubs. When people aren’t singing Guy Love at him, he is a formidable director. His work behind the camera is limited to two – three films but Braff has made a mark with them. Particularly Garden State, a dry and … Continue reading Going in Style – Review

Channel 4’s Random Acts to Return!

The best filmmakers all started off in more or less the same way; making short films. If you go back far enough on IMDB’s timeline for Edgar Wright, Spielberg or Tarantino and you’ll find at least one short film that they directed back when they were bright eyed and bushy tailed young hopefuls. In an attempt of nourish and help grow the next generation of … Continue reading Channel 4’s Random Acts to Return!