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Channel 4’s Random Acts to Return!

The best filmmakers all started off in more or less the same way; making short films. If you go back far enough on IMDB’s timeline for Edgar Wright, Spielberg or Tarantino and you’ll find at least one short film that they directed back when they were bright eyed and bushy tailed young hopefuls.

In an attempt of nourish and help grow the next generation of filmic talent, Channel 4 and Arts Council England have come together for a third series of Random Acts, a collection of some of the weirdest and unique short films from across the globe, which will be hosted by Zawe Ashton, best known for her role as Vod in Fresh Meat.

The shorts this series come from a variety of big names such as David Oyelowo reinterpreting Shakespeare in Isle Full of Noises and Patrick Decile starring in a short from the Miami projects.

There are so many amazing shorts to experience that you’ll be glued to your TV every time Random Acts is on, which starts on August 21st at midnight.

We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Random Acts returns to Channel 4 on August 21st at midnight!

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