Rememory – Brand New Trailer!

Sounding like an episode of Black Mirror (in fact, exactly like an episode of Black Mirror,) Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage stars in mysterious thriller Rememory.  The film revolves around an amateur detective who has steals the technology to extract the memories of another person and play them. His objective is to use the machine to solve the death of the man who invented … Continue reading Rememory – Brand New Trailer!

Put Your Phone Away In The Cinema!

There is barely a past time more fun yet unpredictable than going to the cinema. Whether you’re going with your family, your friends or a partner of some romantic/sexual kind, going to the cinema is a great activity with something for everyone to enjoy. This has been a popular activity since John P Harris and Harry Davis opened a five-cents admission movie theatre in Pittsburgh, … Continue reading Put Your Phone Away In The Cinema!

The Florida Project – Brand New Trailer!

Last year’s smash hit indie film Tangerine showed the world what you can do with concentration, determination, and an iPhone. Absolutely sublime, the work is considered one of the best indies of all time. The film revolves around a homeless 6-year-old and her friends who live in motels but spend their days filled with adventure. Reminiscent of Beasts of the Southern Wild, Sean Parker’s film … Continue reading The Florida Project – Brand New Trailer!