You Must Watch…Big Train (All4)

A lot of my humour comes from my Dad and the countless amount of comedy shows or films he made me watch. A finely intelligent and generous man, my Dad, with a great appreciation of the surrealist humour and silliness, my father grew me on a daily dose of Monty Python, Only Fools and Horses, and heavy doses of Hook and The Full Monty. If you ever meet my father, which you should as he is a delight, he’ll bombard you with foolish games, ridiculous puns, and a perhaps an unhealthy admiration for Genesis.

Anyway, one of the shows he introduced me too and we’ve been ferociously quoting every since  was Big Train. Honestly, I think about this show constantly – all day, every day. And you need to do the same.

Big Train is perhaps one of the funniest sketch shows of the early noughties. Created by Graham Lineham and Arthur Matthews, it was a wonderful and fast paced show with far out humour. With some brilliant sketches that are hilarious each time, it boasts a wicked cast of now much beloved comedy actors. Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Kevin Eldon, and Catherine Tate.

Like many sketch shows, Big Train does have misses but it is one of the few comedy series that I’ve watched where a good 99% of it’s material is bloody brilliant. That’s because the out of the box humour is either really bizarre or socially silly. For example, there is a whole series of a man being stalked by a culminating in a bland but humorous punchline. There’s an ongoing starring competition with “animated” characters. In the huge, gigantic list of Big Train hilarity is the French Tortoise, a man ruminating over his love for Mrs Potato Head (in black & white French noir,) there’s the Devil and Jesus in an office building, and, my personal favourite, a man trying not to use idioms in a cake factory. I could list sketches until the cows come home, Big Train has so much funny stuff that it is impossible not to enjoy it.

There’s not much I could say more about the show  that is funny, hilarious, witty, droll, uproarious, and any other word that I can find on the internet thesaurus. The show is a staple and height of British  television and humour. It is a collaboration with clout and something everyone would enjoy. A  perfect echo of the noughties and the start of many a brilliant career.

If you haven’t watched Big Train, I urge you to stop what you are doing, order the DVD. If not, you can find it on Now TV or Youtube. and be thankful that we introduced you to it!

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