Little Evil – Brand New Trailer!

If pop culture has taught me anything, it’s that meeting your current paramour’s children from a past relationship can be a somewhat awkward affair. It stands to reason that this is doubly so if that child is also the Antichrist. This is the premise for Little Evil, a comic take on The Omen, which stars Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly as the happy newly weds … Continue reading Little Evil – Brand New Trailer!

Strong Island – Brand New Trailer!

Netflix is currently going from strength to strength with its documentaries. 13th discussed the inherent racism within the American Prison System and Making A Murderer looked at the potential miscarriages of justice that may have condemned an innocent man for murder (although, there are many who claim otherwise.) Strong Island takes a look at the death of William Ford, who was killed in April 1992 … Continue reading Strong Island – Brand New Trailer!