Logan Lucky – Review

Steven Soderbergh is one of those directors who seems utterly compelling to their craft. I mean, the guy has retired like a bunch of times. With every time he announces he is about to leave, he comes back with another movie. It’s like he has a bug  – a cinematic bug that won’t quit. Why would we want him too? He’s crafted such superb films such as Magic Mike, Ocean’s Eleven, Sex, Lies, and Videotapes, as well as, Traffic. That is just a genius back catalogue.

So yes, we’re absolutely thankful that Soderbergh doesn’t really retire because he has also brought us the absolutely wonderful Logan Lucky.

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Logan Lucky revolves around a down and out construction worker who is fired from his job . However, during his time unemployed, he concocts a plan to rob from the Charlottesville Speedway. To do so, they enlist the help of in-car-cer-ra-ted Joe Bang,  and hatch a scheme so outrageous, it may just work!

There’s been a lot of film reviewers out there that have been calling this “high-octane,” when, actually, I think that is a wrong conclusion for the film. True, the film has great action moments and a robbery at the centre of the movie but it doesn’t move with a pace anything more than rambunctious. That’s not to say it isn’t a highly enjoyable and engrossing film. In fact, Soderbergh’s insatiably fun flick is engrossing, compelling, and overall brilliant. It just doesn’t have an explosive, car racing feel to it – it merely  has a more paced conduction to it. Soderbergh is careful with the humour and the heist-like caper that feels like a meditative Deep South echo of his popular Ocean’s Eleven.

Brimming with witty yet unforgettable dialogue, Logan Lucky is brought to life by the incomparable talents of Channing Tatum (who worked with Soderbergh on the wildly under-appreciated Side Effects,) and Adam Driver. The latter is just one of the most adroit actors of our generation. From Kylo Ren to Paterson, Driver is just a consummate performer. As Clyde, the one-armed stoic brother, he is still able to carry a scene.  He barely has to move his face for you to understand what is going on through his head. It makes a great foil for Tatum’s “straight guy” act as the loving and lovable Jimmy.  The chemistry between each other as brothers is electrifying and Riley Keogh makes a grand entrance as their smarter sister.

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Yet stealing the scene from all and everyone (well, except Farrah Mackenzie as the truly adorable daughter Sadie,) is Daniel Craig. The suave Bond has dyed his hair bright orange to play Joe Bang, a criminal with a talent for the explosives. With his high-pitched, energetic character, he delivers some wildly entertaining rides and every time he isn’t on the screen, you cannot wait for him to reappear.

Though there are elements within Logan Lucky that don’t quite mesh, including your needed adjustment to the pace. The film is a superb and wistful comedy-caper that is completely entertaining!

Logan Lucky is out 25th August! 

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