The Best of…Adam Driver

Adam Driver is one of the best contemporary actors of this generation. Having served military service and attended Julliard alongside his wife, Driver comes across as a genuinely elusive and intriguing person who chooses to gift us with evocative performances. His work is soulful and produces so much without being over the top. You know exactly what a character is thinking in Driver’s stoic slight … Continue reading The Best of…Adam Driver

Part-Time Filmmaker, Full Time Talent

Hi. My name’s James Wilsher.   By day, I’m a Hospitality Executive  but in my spare time I make films. I’ve been writing since before I could remember – short stories, monologues, and jokes populated my work. When I hit my teen years,  my love of films slowly took over my life- I started writing scripts and screenplays. I thought this was my future, thankfully … Continue reading Part-Time Filmmaker, Full Time Talent