Screen Rebels

The evolution of storytelling is, in itself, a very long narrative. From the earliest spoken fiction to the multitude of media that allows the telling of an epic tale from TV, to films, to videogames, to books, there are innumerable ways to sate your lust for sagas.

One of less acknowledged (but still fantastically popular for good reasons) medium is that of theatre, whilst it still sees plenty of people flocking to see performances across the globe, it is not as readily accessible as film nowadays.

This point brings us to Screen Rebels, a film and theatre company who nurture new writing and acting talent by performing “live” screenplays directly to an audience. The scripts are written and performed by an in house team in showcases of three throughout the year.

Their performances have covered a range of genres, most recently was August’s The Odyssey which attempted to take the audience outside of London through three stories of love, betrayal, mystery and intrigue, and will continue on in October when they perform their Halloween Edition, which is being kept tightly under wraps right now.

Each screenplay is performed by a dedicated troupe of actors and also include a narrator to read out any lines of action or scene descriptions allowing the audience to really bring the place to life within their imaginations.

If you ever get the chance to see a Screen Rebels performance, go see it!

You will not be disappointed.

Find out more about Screen Rebels! 

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