The Commuter – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Liam Neeson…What a guy; his action thrills are Non-Stop…He’s Taken our money for years, and he deserves it. The limit of his talent is Unknown, but he never fails to Silence the haters. Batman Begins to question his masculinity when Liam Neeson is around, and to attain his physical fitness, you’d have to Run All Night. He is truly a Star…Wars Episode 1: The Phantom … Continue reading The Commuter – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

On Body and Soul – Brand New Trailer

You’ve heard of slow burning films, well turns out the exact same thing exists in trailers; the trailer for On Body and Soul starts out very slow and very boring, and by the end, it’s utterly captivating. On Body and Soul is an unusual love story set in the everyday world, based around the duality of sleeping and waking, mind and matter. The film poses … Continue reading On Body and Soul – Brand New Trailer

Kingdom of Us – Bran New Trailer!

We all love a good documentary on Netflix, but their latest may have us feeling a little bit broken. Kingdom of Us is the harrowing tale of a family financially destroyed when the father of seven committed suicide, and Lucy Cohen explores three years of the family’s life as they look back on old family videos, discuss the man their father was, and look forward … Continue reading Kingdom of Us – Bran New Trailer!

Lane 1974 – New Trailer

Lane 1974 is the true story of a young girl, content with her unconventional life orchestrated by her troubled mother, but longing to experience a normal, stable life. Navigating her complicated mother as well as looking after her young siblings, Lane decides to forge her own path in hopes of finding a better life. Lane 1974 looks like a tender, painful drama, but I don’t … Continue reading Lane 1974 – New Trailer

The Villainess – Review

There is no doubt that in the world of film, Korean cinema is proving to be some of the most exciting. Producing world class directors like Park Chan-Wook and films such as Oldboy and The Man from Nowhere, the country is experiencing its very own new wave. Action films are, of course, a huge bulk of this new wave, with the region’s prominence in Martial … Continue reading The Villainess – Review

Bad Sequels We Can’t Help But Love

Sequels are notoriously known for being bad. Their reputation is not that great. There are only a select few that rally to the ranks of greatness. Golden ones that exceed the original and make it better. These are not those sequels. But we love them anyway! Here’s a selection of films we know are bad, but damn they make us feel good! Nativity 2 (2012) … Continue reading Bad Sequels We Can’t Help But Love