Red Sparrow – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Well ladies and gentlemen, we finally have it, that thing we’ve all been waiting for!

Yes indeed, I am talking about a Black Widow Movie!

Except it stars Jennifer Lawrence instead of Scarlett Johansson, isn’t about Black Widow at all, and definitely isn’t set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Other than that though, there are a lot of striking similarities; Both stories feature a young Russian girl being forced into becoming a master spy/assassin through questionable training methods, including using their sexuality as a weapon alongside several forms of brutal combat, and both see their first mission pitting them against an American Spy before they are given the opportunity to switch sides and fight against the “Communist Oppressors.”

With all this on offer, it’s a mystery why Red Sparrow hasn’t been bought up by Disney yet and adapted to fit their franchise.

Red Sparrow is out in cinemas 2nd March 2018!

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