The Commuter – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Liam Neeson…What a guy; his action thrills are Non-Stop...He’s Taken our money for years, and he deserves it. The limit of his talent is Unknown, but he never fails to Silence the haters. Batman Begins to question his masculinity when Liam Neeson is around, and to attain his physical fitness, you’d have to Run All Night. He is truly a Star…Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Okay I may have lost steam there, but he certainly hasn’t as he brings us his latest thriller The Commuter, where he plays an ordinary man caught in a criminal conspiracy during his daily ride home.

If you liked Non-Stop, Unknown and Run All Night, all from the same director of this, then this should be right up your alley as it definitely looks to be up to scratch. We can always rely on Liam Neeson to be the hero, even if his morals are kind of in The Grey area.

You’re right, I should stop.



The Commuter is out next year 

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