Jeepers Creepers 3 – Brand New Trailer

Oh look, it’s another horror franchise which is receiving a new update in an attempt to draw those who saw the originals back into the cinema… I honestly can’t be bothered to write any more about this. Jeepers Creepers 3 (Let’s all be grateful that they didn’t decide to swap out the “E’s” with 3’s) just looks dull and somewhat uninspired. Once again, The Creeper … Continue reading Jeepers Creepers 3 – Brand New Trailer

Better Watch Out – Brand New Trailer!

Christmas is a time of year where you can sit back, relax and watch films with the rest of your family. Of course, that only works you’re not being chased around your house by a group of people who are threatening you. Such is the premise for Better Watch Out a festive horror/comedy/thriller/mess. The film is a much more gory parody of the Home Alone … Continue reading Better Watch Out – Brand New Trailer!

All the Money in the World – Brand New Trailer!

Michelle Williams. …What? What do you mean I have to say more than that to sell this trailer? Ugh, fine…. Easily the best actress in the world right now Michelle Williams stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in All the Money in the World, based on the novel by John Pearson following the kidnapping of a young man, grandson to the richest man in the world. He … Continue reading All the Money in the World – Brand New Trailer!

My Life as a Courgette – Review

In the grand tapestry of the film industry, audiences are treated with kids gloves, as though their IQs were scraping the bottom of the barrel and they had to be spoon-fed their entertainment like the idiots we are. While we can wail about the general public, the rise of independent films and their popularity showcases a more intricate intellect than first thought. This essence of … Continue reading My Life as a Courgette – Review

Alien: Covenant – Review

The Alien franchise remains one of the greatest Sci-Fi epics in film history. With two original films – Alien & Aliens – met with acclaim by audiences, the later entries did not quite resonate. When original director Ridley Scott announced he would direct prequels to the franchise, audiences were drawn back into outer space. First entry Prometheus, despite its visual effects and stellar cast, left … Continue reading Alien: Covenant – Review