Tragedy Girls -Brand New Trailer!

Tragedy Girls is the story of a two death obsessed teenage girls looking to plug their online show about real life tragedies, and go to sinister lengths to ensure their popularity. The trailer started, and I was certain I was in for a satirical film about how social media is terrible, but it becomes so much more than that; it’s genuinely funny, genuinely intriguing, and … Continue reading Tragedy Girls -Brand New Trailer!

Tomb Raider – Brand New Trailer!

When Angelina Jolie donned the shorts of the infamous big breasted video game hero, the films were met with negative reviews. Now Lara Croft returns to the big screen – will it work this time? Taking up the mantel, but not the shorts, is Alicia Vikander. Here Lara Croft returns in a somewhat prequel that sees her on the hunt for a…well…tomb after her father … Continue reading Tomb Raider – Brand New Trailer!