Tragedy Girls -Brand New Trailer!

Tragedy Girls is the story of a two death obsessed teenage girls looking to plug their online show about real life tragedies, and go to sinister lengths to ensure their popularity.

The trailer started, and I was certain I was in for a satirical film about how social media is terrible, but it becomes so much more than that; it’s genuinely funny, genuinely intriguing, and the music is absolutely killer (pun completely intended, I do not regret it). This looks to be one of the most exciting original slasher films in a long time, and definitely one of the most interesting to be coming out this year. Plus, it has Josh Hutcherson in it, in case anyone was concerned for his well being.

Tragedy Girls hasn’t got a wide UK release yet, but it made it’s debut here at Frightfest back in August.
Let’s hope a release date is announced soon.

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